Cambria Coffee Roasting Company in downtown Cambria

Looking for specialty coffees on the central coast?
Cambria Coffee Roasting Company is known for cambria coffee roasting's Ethiopia Danch Meng review of an 94 pointsits attention to detail in crafting gourmet blends and serving up unique roasts to its clientele. We are located in Cambria, on the central coast of California in Cambria, where we painstakingly manage every roast with micro management of temperature, flavor and acidity. On the Central Coast of California we’re known for our laid back lifestyle. However, at the Cambria Coffee Roasting Company we’re anything but laid back about our coffee.

We love to talk about it. We love to learn about it. We study it. We consume it.
But quality coffee doesn’t grow on trees…shrubs actually, but that’s only part of the story.

To be assured that we provide our customers with the best coffee possible, we place most of our time and efforts into three key areas: Education. Continuing to develop our knowledge and capabilities in the arts of sourcing, roasting, preparing and brewing coffee is key to making sure our customers are getting the best products available on the market. Besides, it’s fun!Sourcing. We continue to sample roast and cup coffees available to us from the myriad importers in the U.S. This assures that we are purchasing the best products currently available.

Because of this, our menu board of coffees changes throughout the year. Additionally, when possible, we purchase truly the best of the best. As these are typically in smaller quantities, we announce these special coffees on our web site as soon as they are available. And they move fast.

Training and Networking. We are members in the Specialty Coffee Association of America ( and the Roaster Guild of America (  Both of these organizations are in part responsible for the rise in quality of specialty coffee in the U.S. The SCAA provides a wealth of training, certification, science, and education for its members in the states and world wide.