New Holiday Coffee Here!

We have a really exquisite new coffee here for the Holidays!  It originates from one of the Peterson’s  family farms, Hacienda La Esmeralda, and grows from a unique varietal of the coffee plant named “Geisha” or “Gesha”.

For those of you that have not had the opportunity to try a Geisha, it is a real treat.  Believed to have its roots in Ethiopia, it has similar aroma and flavor characteristics of those much sought after coffees.

What does it taste like?  Well let me quote Thompson Owen of Sweetmaria’s fame:

” Sweet dark berry aromatics with a floral accent, almost like fresh hopped beer. The wet aroma has jasmine and ripe cherry notes, honey, brown bread, and soft milk chocolate at slightly darker roast levels. The cup has a light-yet-juicy body. Interestingly, after these knock-out aromatics, the first sip of the hot brew can be a little bit underwhelming. Wait for the temperature to drop a few degrees and it really “opens up.” The sweetness and fruit juice aspects of this years Esmeralda are astounding.”

As an aside, for those of you interested in all things coffee (especially home roasting) check out his web site at

For most of you, this coffee is something that you’ve probably not experienced before.  It is not your typical big, bold, roasty brew.  It is a very refined, almost delicate coffee that has a ton of complexity.  It is medium to light bodied, reminiscent of an Earl Grey tea actually.

My interest in making this specific coffee available is to show the wide range of complexity and unique flavors the coffee world has to offer.

I once heard it described in this fashion…”I can’t afford the worlds highest priced wine, or drive the most expensive car, or visit the most exclusive spa, but I can afford the most exquisite coffee the world has to offer”.

I hope you take the opportunity to expand your coffee horizons!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Joyous New Year to All!