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Welcome to the new web presence for Cambria Coffee.  I hope you like it.  I will be using this space to discuss topics around coffee that I hope you all find informative and useful. A lot of the discussion initially will involve instructions and thoughts on how best to purchase, store, brew and enjoy coffee. So many of those activities are taken for granted that some of the basic concepts have been lost or misconstrued. I hope to help you understand the concepts behind those issues so that your enjoyment of this fantastic little bean is made that more satisfying.
From time to time the topics will delve into the current trends in specialty coffee, global issues in the industry, and other items of interest for us all.
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Thought’s on the brew

Welcome to the new web presence for Cambria Coffee.  I hope you like it.  I’ll use this page to keep you updated on all the new and exciting happenings in the coffee world…

We here on the California Central Coast are lucky to be in the heart of one of the state’s most vibrant areas for coffee production.  And though many people likely recognize Cambria and surrounding communities for the high-quality wine that is made here, coffee been roasting and brewing is rapidly on the rise toward becoming a trademark of local excellence.  Many similarities exist in the process of making these distinct and delicious local drinks. In the process creating a great cup of coffee or glass of wine, the person responsible for crafting them must master a delicate balance of art and science in order to create the best quality product.

And just as someone with a sophisticated and trained palate may be able to identify a wine made from grapes grown in a certain region, the same can be said for coffee. Each geographic area where coffee beans are grown has a unique flavor profile, similar to the locally grown grapes that comprise our award winning Cabernets, Chardonnays, and Viogniers.

Ultimately though coffee beans are only as good as a roast master can make them. One’s deftness in the ability to coax the finest flavors from a bean is what makes the best cup of coffee. This is much like how our favorite wines are perfected by a skilled winemaker. Because certainly if the process of making great wine or coffee didn’t demand a lot of talent, we would all do it!   It is in the roasting process that the roastmaster develops each coffee’s unique flavors through a precisely controlled roasting process. The raw beans are heated for an exact amount of time at the perfect temperature necessary to achieve the desired flavor. Over the course of a mere 15 minute process, coffee beans are roasted to the low or mid-400 degree mark, as the roastmaster controls how quickly the beans are brought to the desired temperature. And once the beans arrive at the preferred temperature they are dumped quickly into the cooling bin from the roasting chamber. Only after extensive trials and tastings is an experienced roastmaster able to craft the correct flavor of a coffee through the roasting process.

Cambria and the Central Coast is becoming a haven for those who love coffee.  Located on a stretch of beautiful coast between the hectic urban environments of San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Central Coast offers an escape opportunity to those looking to enjoy life moving at a more leisurely pace.

And the cozy confines of Cambria are some of the most inviting to come enjoy the highest quality local coffees. Our coffee houses and local roasters offer a great opportunity to spend some time enjoying the chance to relax and chat with friends, both old and new.

Those of us in the greater Cambria coffee community want to share our passion for a great cup of coffee, or fine espresso drink, with the world. Here we are different than the large corporations that mass-produce coffee. We don’t buy into the philosophy that one cup serves all. Let us show you that coffee can be more than just a drink. It can be a gateway, opening into the culture of one of our state’s most beautiful areas.

So come to Cambria. And let us show you that if you need a great cup of joe, this is the place you need to go.